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with these pages I tried to follow up what I started just for passion in 2009. I’d like to continue promoting the benefits of myofascial release, massage, fitness and be a source of personal motivation to those who are in search of the daily well-being.

Speedagility Core Values

Speedagility is a company from Veneto (North East of Italy) that commercialise sport products, for the training and the daily well-being.

Knowledges and experience

We promote our Passions by developing the Tutorial and the Blog on a daily basis. We spread our knowledges by promoting collaboration and sharing ideas, news and suggestions.

Simple and clear

We try to be understandable to anyone, in the simplest way. It’s not easy. “Simplicity is the key to brilliance” (Bruce Lee)

Products, Shop

The products are related to the arguments covered, the quality/price ratio is of real interest. Do you like what you find on the site? We are only at the beginning! It’s thanks to your purchases that we can continue.

We are honests

We are trying to make our way into the great Fitness and Wellness industry. The person is the heart of our business. If you have purchased something from us, I hope you have noticed the care and passion that is in everything we do.